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1962 - let the journey begin

Unforgettable year. Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to President Kennedy. Brazil wins on the World Cup. A memorable year for Iceland - as this is where Sambó journey starts.
Reykjavík, 1962 - Jón S. Kjartansson, the founder of Sambó Kólus ehf, starts his own company with his two older brothers. The very first products launched on the market contain pure liquorice.

Golden 60’-70’

After the first “classic” products Jón launches liquorice straws in small candy shops. Icelanders use them to drink their favourite traditional orange soda, adding to it the unique taste of liquorice. This trend lasts for years making the company evolve. People on Iceland get crazy also about raw liquorice rolls eaten with separately bought chocolate. That’s when the idea for the new products starts to grow.

1987 - the chocolate point

Since everyone loves to combine chocolate with liquorice why not to try to mix it? Jón, inspired by popular at that time hard caramel balls, decides to produce liquorice covered with chocolate. The pieces are tiny which makes it a perfect sweet snack! The entirely new idea of chocolate and liquorice seems at that time strange to the foreigners as Kjartanssons are the first ones to introduce it...  but Iceland falls in love with Kúlu-Súkk!

The dream of the 90’

Here comes into the picture a new product - Pristur, which becomes the most sold candy on Iceland! Jón asks his sons, Kjartan and Snorri, to launch the three initial versions of the product at the school candy shop to choose the best one, and that is how today’s taste of Pristur gets shaped by children.

Sweet sweet millenium

Sambó acquires another Icelandic company, introducing two new products: Bananastangir and Candy frogs. They decide to keep the original name of the sweets due to respect to the old and well-known brand. From 2000 the product range grows, and the Sambó products remain top-selling sweets on Iceland. Within 2019 starts the export project - a new journey, with entirely new tastes. To be continued…



Jón - the youngest of 3 Kjartansson brothers, founder of Sambo Kólus ehf. Running the company from 1962 until now.


Kjartan - the youngest Jón’s son, working with his father since he was a teenager. He knows the company inside out. As he says, he is always working, even when he sleeps!

Snorri - oldest son, developed his career in the financial companies. Always helped in the family business but joined the company, bringing experience and knowledge from other business areas, full time in 2017. Snorri is a born storyteller!